Tiki Shart Art Adorns the Walls of Kona Impact

Tiki Shark Art (left) and Rainbow Carp (right)

When I started Kona Impact nearly 14 years ago, I had a few goals: I wanted to enjoy what I do, who I work with, and where I work. Life, I had figured out, was way too short to not find joy in everyday life. I didn’t want a job that would be mental drudgery.

I think I’ve been successful in finding something I love doing, which is to help others grow their businesses. I also greatly enjoy working with the Kona Impact team. They are wonderfully smart, hard-working, and down-to-earth guys.

My work environment is a work in progress. I have the same desk I’ve had since day one. It’s functional, big and works just fine. I learned long ago not to skimp on keyboards, mouses, computers and monitors. Likewise, for chairs.

I’ve been hesitant to spend money on fancy office space, as I don’t believe that would grow the business. I have, though, picked up some nice wall art over the years. The “Rainbow Carp” is something I’ve had for years. Many customers comment positively on it.

Today, we added “Secret Cove”, a giclee by local artist Brad Parker. We’ve known Brad for years and have always admired his art and marketing savvy. We always enjoy his energy and creativity, as well as his ability to make a living in the art world–a tough thing to do. He’s a master of painting tiki, an art form associated with New Zealand, Polynesia, and, more recently Hawaii. He calls it “low brow art”, which shows his humor and humility. You can view and purchase his work at tikishark.com.