Small Business Shoutout: Mountain Thunder Coffee

I did not know of Kona Coffee before I first set foot in Kona, Hawaii twenty years ago. At that time I thought I was quite the coffee connoisseur because I would buy “gourmet” coffee at coffee shops where I lived. Little did I know that the store-bought coffee was sitting on the shelf for weeks, if not months after it was roasted. I thought it was good coffee….until I came to Kona and I bought coffee that was roasted within a few days. I learned the value of buying farm-direct. Since then, I have probably tried Kona Coffee from probably fifty different farms.

I still try coffee from probably ten to fifteen farms a year–always bought directly from the farmer to ensure freshness.

My go-to Kona Coffee is from Mountain Thunder. They are a Kona Impact client, but I would not recommend their coffee if were not exceptional and at a reasonable price point. I have had $64/lb coffee from other farms, and it was truly wonderful, but for my budget–$35-$45/lb Mountain Thunder works for me.

Now is a trying time for many Kona Coffee farmers as some of their local markets have dried up, and many people who normally drink Kona Coffee have perhaps shifted to less quality and lower price point coffees.

So, if you love Kona Coffee, now is a great time to buy a bag or two from your favorite farm. Buy directly through their website and you’ll get farmer-direct, freshly roasted coffee. While I recommend Mountain Thunder, there are many awesome Kona Coffees out there.