Can you print on guitar picks?

We’ve kind of become known as the place for unique jobs. Can you print on guitar picks? The other questions: “Can you have this done in 3 days? Can you do 250? We took a trip to our local music store the check on their guitar pick inventory. With all the parts aligned, we said “yes” and completed the order.

How did we do it?

Our first production step was to make a jib out of acrylic for the picks. We used our laser machine to etch a recessed spot for each pick. We then used our flatbed UV printer to print on the picks.

We certainly enjoyed doing a project that took extra planning and ingenuity.

As a regular Kona Impact product offering, we don’t plan to go big into the guitar pick printing business in the future. That said, we have a good setup for quickly doing some small batches.