Local Spotlight: Fitness Business in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

There are few places on earth that offer such abundant fitness opportunities as Kona, Hawaii. If you want to swim year round, we have a lot of ocean. Runners and cyclists can count on 320+ days of excellent running and cycling weather. (The other 45 or so are not bad either!). There are many golf courses on the Kona-Kohala coast, from exclusive resort courses to more budget-friendly courses.

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Here are some fitness-related business in Kona that have a great reputation and are locally owned and operated.

Hawaii Fitness Academy

Looking for a personal trainer in Kona? How about a specialist in corrective exercise and Parkinson’s fitness? Want to become a qualified personal trainer? Martin Petrofes at Hawaii Fitness Academy is the choice of many athletes and fitness trainers in Kona. Highly qualified and just an all-around great guy, Martin can take you from flabby to fit, from injured to healthy and from athlete to trainer. He is well known as a patient and effective trainer for personal training, corrective exercises and helping people with Parkinson’s with their fitness needs. Give him at a call at 808-936-0903 or visit his website, HawaiiFitnessAcademy.com.

Swing Vision Pro Hawaii

If you’re a golfer, you have to stop by Swing Vision Pro in Kona’s Industrial Area and have a chat with Rob. A certified PGA instructor, Rob and his staff can help you improve all aspects of your game. I’ve been to Rob’s facility and have seen all his high-tech training systems. I don’t think it gets any better than what he has. Give Rob a call at 808-333-5071.

Places to Get a Workout

Kona has no shortage of gyms and places to get a workout. Each has its own approach and vibe. Here are some the gyms that our clients recommend:

M2 Fitness – For those who want a small, private gym setting, M2 Fitness is a good choice. With a well-qualified group of trainers, M2 is a great place for those who want a little bit of help and privacy as they work to achieve their fitness goals.

The Club – Located in downtown Kailua-Kona, The Club is well-known for a good variety of equipment and an indoor lap pool.

Pacific Island Fitness – This comes close to what many consider a traditional workout gym. With a large free weight area and an air-conditioned cardio space, Pacific Island Fitness is a good choice if you already have you routine and needs figured out and you just want to pump iron.

CrossFit – By far the most respected CrossFit in Kona is CrossFit Kona. If you believe in the core principles of CrossFit and you want a Workout of the Day give them a call or stop by their facility.

Full disclosure: some of the businesses above are clients of Kona Impact, and some are not. We recommend businesses that are locally owned and operated and have a good reputation in the community.

At Kona Impact, we strongly believe in supporting local businesses and buying local. Our business spotlight is one way of doing that.

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