Great Results with No Effort….Really??

A guy walks into his annual physical with his doctor. He says, “You know, Doc, I don’t have lot of energy, I can’t play sports like I used to and, well, things aren’t going very well in the bedroom either.” man with no energy The doctor looks at his chart and says, “Well, you’re very overweight, and your blood work shows high cholesterol.
The guy replies, “Oh, that’s not good. How can I get my weight and cholesterol down?” The doctor answers, “Well, you need to eat less, eat more healthy food and exercise more. Those are three ways you can achieve better health. We have classes and program that can help.”
The man says, “I don’t have time to exercise; I love pizza and beer; and, I don’t want to make any major changes in my life. I’ll try to figure it out myself.”
The doctor’s answer: “Well, with no change, I guarantee tomorrow will be the same as today, only worse. There are no miracle cures.”
Later that day the man gives an online marketing consultant a call and says: “business is down. I know I’m not reaching my potential with my company. My customers say that can’t find my online easily, and my website is outdated. Can you do some magic to change this?”
The consultant looks at the website and runs some tests on the site’s visibility and says, “Well, your website is 8 years old, it’s only three pages and it does not meet Google’s guidelines.”
The guy replies, “Well, I don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on this, maybe just a few hundred dollars. Can’t you just do something with what I have?”
The consultant replies, “What you want is for me to take your old Honda and make it perform like a Ferrari. Can’t be done. Your website needs to be replaced. Fixing an old website is like fixing an old car; it will always be sub-optimal.”
Do you recognize your approach to health or business in any of the scenarios above?
We all want quick fixes and instantaneous results. The problem is that fundamentally changing your health or business requires fundamental change. At Kona Impact, we say that there are no home runs in marketing; that is; there are no singular actions you can take that will change everything for your business. Life and business are like that: results require effort and, yes, sacrifice.
Much of this effort requires professional help and costs. I hire a mechanic to fix my truck, and he hires me to help him get found online. We both know what we don’t know.
I suspect that many business owners that want results without meaningful effort understand the impossibility of this. I think these business owners are too focused on today and tomorrow to see the long term benefits of having a professional and solid online presence. They don’t see the thousands, tens of thousands or millions of dollars of business they are currently losing to competitors who do it better. They view a few thousand dollars as an unwanted expense and not an investment in their business.
At Kona Impact we have worked with hundreds of business owners over the years. We have seen some come and go and many who have started with nothing reach wonderful levels of success. We know there are no miracles and “home runs” in business; it’s much more complicated than that. If you want solid, cost-effective solutions for your business, give us a call.

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