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Ironman World Championships 2016 Signs and Printing Special Offer

The Ironman World Championships are always a great time in Kona, Hawaii. The athletes, their families and the companies add a vibrancy and level of passion to Kona that make it one of the most exciting places in the world. It’s a great time.

Kona Impact has been providing displays, banners, posters and printing services for many of the companies that come here for years. We certainly appreciate the work, and we enjoy working with companies from all over the world as they set up and operate their booths and retail locations.

This year we would like to give something extra to the companies that get their printing and sign jobs to us early. This will allow us to plan our resources better and will ensure that the all the print and signs are done when they arrive.

We like to say that getting your jobs in early means you will have one less thing to worry about! We take a photo of all completed projects and send them to the client, so that then can rest assured everything is done to a high standard of quality.

So, for all orders over $250 placed for Ironman before 16 September, we will give you some custom bling from Kona Impact and a gift certificate for a lunch at one of our favorite Kona restaurants: Lava Java or Huggo’s. Both are on Alii Drive and close to all the Ironman action.

If you place your order between 17 and 23 September, we’ll give you a gift certificate for a few cups of coffee or a smoothie.

We welcome orders for Ironman event printing, signs, banner, poster and vehicle graphics at any time time. We even have been known to deliver products on the night before, the day of and the day after Ironman. If you have a last-minute need, give us a call; we can probably help.

Kona Impact
74-5599 Luhia St, E-7
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Create the Kona, Hawaii Community You Want

The Elections seem to bring out complainers in all of us. So-and-so just doesn’t care about the poor/homeless/business owners/ middle class/elderly/children. So-and-so is self-centered/dumb/arrogant/myopic/naïve/ignorant. I hear these statements every day, and, to be honest, I get a little tired of the endless whining and grouchiness.

While I can certainly be a grouch, too, about ten years ago I made a commitment to work on creating the community I want. By this, I mean that I would no longer complain about that which I could not affect, and I would choose the things I value in my community and try to make a difference. More action, less talk.

Here are some ideas and resources that can help you create the Kona, Hawaii community you want.

Community Services Organizations in Kona, Hawaii

As a Rotarian, I am heavily biased toward the Rotary Club of Kona. There is also a Sunrise Club and a Mauka club. Rotary is an international service organize with the motto, “Service Above Self.”

We also have very active Lions Clubs, Shriners and some very active churches that do a lot of good in the community. Living Stones has several good outreach programs. The Salvation Army in Kona also does a lot of good. Google, any of these, to find out how you can become involved.


One of the most active groups in Kona is the American Association of University Women. They put on a wonderful G.E.M.S. (Girls Exploring Math and Science) day every year. Help them and you will be helping hundreds of kids in Kona a year.

All of the local schools would welcome gifts of school supplies-backpacks, notebooks, pencils, etc.—at any time. Some of our Kona schools have more than 60% of students receiving subsidized lunches, so donations of new school supplies are always welcome. The Salvation Army would also welcome donations for their pre-school and other outreach programs.

Another plug for the Rotary Club of Kona: it gives over $20,000 a year in scholarships to local students, and provides a free vision test to hundreds of local third graders every year.

Kudos to the Lions Clubs who provide hearing tests and some vision screening, too.

Policing / Crime

Join a neighborhood watch or form one with your neighbors. Call Crime Stoppers if you have information about criminal activity. Call the non-emergency police numbers for things that don’t require a 911 call. Don’t assume someone else is calling in problems. The Hawaii Police Department has an excellent community policing program. Give the station a call and see how you can be part of making Kona a safe and comfortable place to live.

Litter / Dumping

I see a guy going for a stroll just about every morning at the time I walk my dog. I often see him with a small bag he uses to pick up road side garbage. He’s creating the community in which he wants to live. I may also add that his good deeds are contagious.

Call the County to report abandoned vehicles. Get the make, model, color and plate numbers prior to calling.

Supporting Local Agriculture

Food security for Hawaii Island is abysmal, with most estimates putting the percentage of our food that is imported at 70%-90%. This, of course, will be a big problem in a time of natural disaster, shipping stoppage or closed airport. It also means that we are sending a huge amount of money off-island.

Visiting one of our farmers markets once a week is a good start. There are markets in South Kona, Keauhou, Kailua Village and several in Waimea. Shift just $50 a week to our local farming economy and you’ll add $2600 a year to our local economy. Forty families doing this would add $100,000 and probably a job or two to our economy.

kona hawaii

Supporting Local Business

The numbers are the same: shift $50 a week to locally owned business and you’ll probably keep about $1,800 a year on the island (based on 70% of money spent on local businesses staying here). Sixty people doing this a year would add about $100,000 and probably a job to our local economy. Sounds like a pretty good investment to me!

Helping to Create Fun

Though it’s not my thing, there is a group in West Hawaii working to create a motor park, where those who share a love a cars and off-roading can meet and engage in safe motor sports. If it’s your thing, get in touch and work together to get this done.

Another group is working to provide a safe, low-impact shooting range for West Hawaii. This would be funded by the taxes hunters and shooting enthusiasts pay on ammo and hunting licenses. To be located by the large dump in the Kohala region, this shooting range would provide many opportunities for a fun and safe recreational activity.

There are many, many groups that are working to expand the opportunities for Hawaii residents and visitors to get outdoors and get moving. People Advocacy for Trails and Hiking (PATH) has many programs to help kids learn responsible cycling, and they are great advocates for outdoor recreation.

Another local gem is the Aloha Performaning Arts Company. They put on six major productions a year at the Aloha Theater. Audition if you are interested in acting. Contribute your time or money if want to support excellent community theater, and, of course, buy tickets and attend the productions!

Providing Support to Our Residents

I’d also like to draw attention to a few excellent non-profits that are always welcoming to new volunteers. Hospice of Kona is, hands-down, one of the best run non-profits in Kona. They provide excellent end-of-life care and they are always very appreciative of volunteer time (and donations!).

Deep and Beyond is a wonderful group of volunteers from the University of Nations. They provide outdoor recreation activities—hiking and snorkeling—to those who face physical limitations.

Another great group is Special Olympics of West Hawaii. Last summer I volunteered a day to help with their Bocce ball tournament and it was one of the best days of my year (and I had A LOT of great days last year). Keep them in mind if you want to create a community that cares for everyone.

My point of this blog is not to tell you what to do; instead, it’s to encourage you to follow your heart and get involved with something that works for you.

Create the community in which you want to live!

Kona Impact | 329-6077

Support Good

Support Good

Kona Impact is as busy as it has ever been, with multiple marketing and design projects going on all the time. We’re busy, which, of course, is a good thing. That said, it sometimes makes us too busy to take a step back and see the bigger picture of life.

Life goes on around us: we see homeless people milling around the area near our office; we witness an occasional fit of rage at the intersection where cars and pedestrians nearly collide on a daily basis; sometimes we see children smoking cigarettes and other stuff out back.

The world is full of things that do (or should) make us feel a bit of dissonance between our mostly comfortable lives and the plight of others who struggle to establish or maintain a good path in life.

The other day, I was thinking of a very simple bumper sticker for my truck: Support Good. It’s a simple statement, but it makes sense: focus on what is good in life and support it however you can. It might be with time, treasure (money) or talent. It doesn’t have to consume your life, but just the act of making a few positive steps can make a difference.

Kona Impact as a business has been fortunate, because we have a lot of tools and talent that can support good. In the past month or so, we have supported the following groups through donations of resources and time:

Aloha Performing Arts Center (APAC) with a new, donated, website

Kona Parade Association with parade signage far below cost

Deep and Beyond with no cost printing

Habitat for Humanity with no cost printing

Kona Historical Society with signage

Hawaii Island HIV/AIDs Foundation with free signage for their Taste of Life benefit

Hospice of Kona with sign donations for Camp Erin

Truth be told, Kona Impact is asked almost daily for donations of time, materials or money. We can’t support every group, nor do we want to. Our giving is very strategic in that we support organizations that meet these four criteria:

  1. Extremely well run. We want our resources to go to groups that are efficient and run very well. We know the leadership of each of these groups and know them to be stellar in the execution of their goals.
  2. Local. We never give money to off-island causes as a matter of policy. We want our donations to make the lives of people in Kona better.
  3. “Needy” groups. By this, we mean we tend to support groups run on a shoestring budget. Habitat and Hospice are the exceptions to this rule.
  4. Impact. We know that donated marketing services and products are multipliers for these groups. They help them raise more resources, improve their awareness in the community and recruit volunteers.

As we move into the second half of 2014, we look forward to keeping busy with paid accounts, while at the same time continuing to support good in our community. We are always optimistic about what the future brings for business in Kona and our community. Kona Impact has always been a business that had dual goals: helping businesses grow, while at the same time strengthening what is good in our community to ensure that it is a vibrant and comfortable place to live.

Support good.


Happy Fourth of July!

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend.

As we enjoy the beach, the BBQs and the fireworks, let us not forget the struggles of those who came before us to make the United States what it is today.

By no means a perfect country, but by all means the best country in the world to live, work and have that ever so important concept of freedom to guide us day-to-day and into the future.

See ‘ya on Monday, July 7!

Happy Fourth of July

Project Compassion to Benefit Habitat for Humanity

One of Kona Impact’s favorite non-profits is Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii. It’s an extremely well-run organization, and their impact on the community is immense.

I encourage anyone who has an interest in Habitat to check out the national website or the local website. Their list of accomplishment is vast and their management of resources is impressive.

As with most non-profits, they need to fund raise. Houses are not built for free, even though a lot of materials and most of the human power is donated, there are still costs.

One way you can support Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii is to eat at the Kona Denny’s this Sunday from 4pm to 9pm. During this time, 100% of tips to the special guest servers and 20% of all food and drink sales will go directly to help Habitat with their next build project. All you have to do is eat! How easy is that!

Hope to see you at Denny’s this Sunday night!




Business is Ramping Up in Kailua-Kona

I couldn’t help but notice the other day all the new construction I have seen near our office in “downtown” Kailua-Kona. This is a good sign for the future of our our town, especially those who are doing the building and those who will be working. Here are a few within a few minutes of our office:

1. Lex Brodie’s will be moving into the old Chevrolet building on the corner of Kaiwi St. and Kuakini Hwy. This has been empty a few years now.

2. American Saving Bank has put up an impressive-looking bank on the corner of Kuakini Hwy & Palani. Kudos for the tasteful design.

3. Hawaii Radiologic Associates will have is building a large office close behind the Harley dealer on Kuakini Hwy. They will move from their location on Sunset Circle when completed.

4. A Holiday Inn is being constructed across from the McDonald’s on Kuakini Hwy. It will be a smaller Holiday Inn and focus on business travelers. We can see the ongoing construction from our office.

5. Another large building is going up on the University of Nations campus up the street–again on Kuakini Hwy. This large pavilion will house media production facilities and serve as a large meeting space.

All of these project will be done in the coming months, some next year.

If you’re looking for signs of life in the Kona business community, look no further than these five diverse businesses that have decided to make “downtown” Kailua-Kona their home. Welcome to the neighborhood!

If you are starting a business in Kona, give us a call at 329-6077. We have worked with a large number of small, medium and large businesses in Kona. We can help you, too!

Kona Businesses: Comings and Goings

Bye-Bye Borders

The end of the Kona Border’s store has finally arrived. I’ll miss the ability to get trade and reference books quickly, though at a premium cost compared to online, locally. The selection of books available in Kona is now fairly limited for specialty topics, magazines and kid’s books.

There are few great bookstores in the area.

For used books, check out Kona Bay Books

For a great selection of books about Hawaii (and more), visit Kona Stories in the Keauhou Shopping Center.

New Restaurant Opening in Kealakekua Ranch Center

We’re excited to see a new restaurant opening in the Kealakekua Ranch Center, a 15 minute drive south of Keauhou. Roberto’s Grill will be occupying the spot once occupied by Adriana’s. We’ve met the owner several times and are impressed with the menu and focus on making good food at a reasonable price. We’re sure they will be successful and look forward to stopping by on our way to and from South Kona.

Kona Gold Rum at Costco

One of our favorite local small businesses will be at Costco Thursday, April 14 to Sunday, April 17. Known for their awesome mac nut rum cakes, Kona Gold Rum will be testing the waters at the Costco. We love to see our local businesses sell at Costco, as it gives locals and visitors a chance to be introduced to products that might normally not see. If you’re planning on a Costco trip from Thursday to Sunday, stop by and pick up an awesome cake. You can also order online at Kona Gold Rum.

Project Compassion – Feb 12 – The Pregnancy Center

Project Compassion is a monthly event at the Kailua-Kona Denny’s to raise funds for Hawaii Island non-profits. It is a joint venture between the Rotary Club of Kona and Denny’s Restaurant. Hawaii Island-based non-profits that provide services that benefit Hawaii Island are encourage to apply for future Project Compassion events. Contact Brian at 329-6077.

This month’s non-profit is The Pregnancy Center. They provide a range of huge range of services to the Kona community free of charge.