Wood Signs in Hawaii

Signs Made of Wood

Wood is a common substrate for signs in Hawaii, but it has many limitations. Wood is a natural and versatile material that can be easily shaped, sanded, and painted. It can create a rustic or natural aesthetic, and it’s widely available. However, wood is not as durable as some other materials, such as metal or PVC, and may be affected by moisture, heat, and UV light. It also may have a lower resistance to impact and scratches.

It’s not recommended for outdoor use as it can warp, rot and degrade over time, but it can be used indoors. If you decide to use wood as substrate, it’s essential to use a suitable sealant to protect it from moisture and UV light inhibitors to protect the color.

At Kona Impact, we avoid using wood for exterior signage as much as possible. We have worked on repairing many signs that we so termite-damaged that it was more expensive to remake the sign than to fix something that is so structurally degraded that its days were numbered.

As an alternative, we love making signs with PVC and metal, as they are always going to have a longer life than wood signs in Hawaii. Again, wood can make some wonderful interior signs, but it should be avoided for exterior signs.

termite damage