What Would Make Your Business Exceptional?

I came across an interview with Lee Paterson of Hula Daddy Coffee on YouTube a few days ago. The gist of the interview is how Hula Daddy went from inception to one of the world’s top-rated coffees in just ten years. What’s even more striking to me is how he wants to improve the level of Kona coffee through sharing what he’s learned with others in the coffee industry.

He mentions (around the 4:00 mark on the video) that Hula Daddy was not satisfied with their quality and sales after a few years, so they made a list of 25 things that would make for exceptional, gourmet coffee. After a year of working the items on their list, their product improved, and since then they have sold out of their coffee every year.
I have started to make a list of three things that would be on my list for several industries. I’ll start with Kona Impact
Kona Impact

  1. Complete all banner, real estate and basic signage orders within 24 hours.
  2. Return all email and calls within 1 hour.
  3. Offer rush service, when possible, at no additional cost to the client.

My Bank

  1. A walk-in-the-door to being face-to-face with a teller time of fewer than 8 minutes.
  2. Open until 6 pm on weekdays.
  3. Better use of technology including better phone apps and website.


  1. Exceptional knowledge of the Kona real estate market.
  2. Willingness to tell clients if a bad deal is a bad deal.
  3. Return calls and email within an hour.

Property Manager

  1. Weekly inspection and walk around of property.
  2. Holds providers-rubbish removal, building cleaning, landscaper, etc.—accountable for the quality of work.
  3. Responsive to emergencies—electrical, plumbing, ect.—within an hour.

Take Out Lunch Place Down the Street

  1. Phone in/pick up ordering
  2. “Fast” menu of items that take less than 8 minutes from order to prepare.
  3. Daily specials and new items to keep me coming back.

It’s fairly easy to make this kind of list for many businesses, as they come from experience. For example, we’ve had three property managers, two exceptional, and one horrible. We have a lot learned from all three.
I have been working on Kona Impact’s Top 25 list, and I have about 15 things right now. Most of the things we already do, some are ways I think we can do things better or more consistently.
I encourage you to watch the Hula Daddy video and see how Lee set some goals, identified how to accomplish them and then shared what he had learned with others.

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