Vehicle Graphics, Lettering and Wraps in Kona, Hawaiii

There are few marketing investments that will have a better return on investment than vehicle graphics. Done right, they can get your business’ name in front of hundreds of people daily, day after day, year after year. You will be marketing to people who live and work in your community.
Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions for vehicle graphics in Hawaii:

  1. Do you do vehicle wraps?

The answer is no if you mean full vehicle graphics on vertical (sides and back) AND horizontal surfaces (hood, roof, trunk). The UV rays and heat in Hawaii virtually guarantee a short lifespan for graphics mounted on hoods, roofs, and trunks. The sun is too brutal on even the best of materials, and we don’t want to sell anything that will not give the owner a good return on investment. A company called Kona Wraps tried to make a business out of wraps. They went out of business in a year and left town suddenly.

  1. What vehicle graphics do you do, then?

We make magnets, cut vinyl, printed and laminated vinyl, and see-through materials. This covers about 90% of the vehicle graphics you see in Kona. We can probably do it if you have seen anything short of a full vehicle wrap!

  1. How much is….?

There are three costs for vehicle graphics: 1.) design, 2) materials, and 3) installation. All things being equal, a large, complex design will make all three of these costs higher. Most of the projects we have completed are less than $1-$2,000 (though some have been higher); vehicle magnets are $100. We do not price our projects low because we need the budget/time to do the job right, with quality materials.

  1. Do you have any recommendations for compelling vehicle graphics in Hawaii?

We have three recommendations: 1) bigger is almost always more visible, 2) contrast (dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background), and 3) avoid clutter. Think about your essential message: what do you want someone who will see you for a few seconds to remember?

  1. Can we save money by self-installing?

Absolutely! We are happy to do the setup work and give you the install-ready materials. Things like PUC numbers, simple graphics, and smaller stickers are relatively easy to install by yourself. Larger graphics or strips of cut vinyl require more skills, but if you’re on a budget and want to give it a shot, we’re happy to sell you install-ready materials.

  1. How long will vehicle graphics last in Hawaii?

Cut vinyl will last many years; printed and laminated graphics will last less. It’s impossible to give an exact number, as a vehicle parked at the harbor all day will get a lot more UV and heat than a truck used up mauka on a farm. Most of our material is rated 4-7 years on vertical services by the manufacturer.