Two Companies in Kona Making a Difference

Many think of Kona, Hawaii as a sleepy tourism-dependent area on the Big Island. There’s much truth to that, but we also have some world-class companies here that have the potential to change the world.

Blue Ocean Farms and Symbrosia are two companies that are focused on using seaweed as a food supplement for bovines (mainly cows and cattle) with the potential to reduce methane emissions up to 80%. Methane emissions are, of course, part of the cause of global warming. Both companies are doing research with a local variety of seaweed that seems to hold the most promise.

Kona Impact has done some work for both companies, most recently completing a sign for Blue Ocean Barns.

We are excited about having two companies that might change the world in Kona and we look forward to both expanding opportunities for Kona-based research and science.

Blue Ocean Barns Sign Done by Kona Impact