To Rush Fee or Not to Rush Fee?

At Kona Impact, we always try to look at things from the customers’ point of view. That is, we try to do business the way we like others to do business with us. Makes sense and seems to have worked pretty well so far. This is the approach we take to rush fees.
Our policy is simple: if we can do the project, we first say “yes” and then “thank you.” If we can’t do the project to our quality guidelines, we say “no” and try to help the person or business find someone who can.
Some of our competitors do charge rush fees. While they give no reason, it is just because they can. A company in town for a conference does not have a choice; they need what they need and, if there are no other options, they pay.
We look at it this way. For most projects there is no extra cost in doing something in a short time period. Our design, materials, production and labor costs do not, for the most part, go up if we juggle a few projects to get something done quickly. When it does cost extra, such as having materials sent by FedEx, we do add some of this cost (FedEx cost minus regular shipping).
We had one project last week where the owner of a website not designed or hosted by us called because his website had been hijacked and injected with malicious software. We shifted a few projects to the afternoon and had his website up and functioning in a few hours. He was relieved and appreciated our efforts.
Truth be told, we appreciate anyone giving us their business, even if it is a “rush” job. We truly are grateful to have the job and hope that our respect for the client helps to develop a good long-term relationship. We want to be known as a business that put clients first and does not go for the easy money.
So, if you have a project that needs to be done today, give us a call at 329-6077 and we’ll see what we can do.