Think About it Friday: How a Japanese Kindergarten Design Can Help Your Business

I love TED talks. I love them so much so, that I decided to replace my morning news reading with a TED talk. They are much more uplifting than the news, and I find them a great way to get my mind thinking about what I do and what I can be doing.
One of the best talks I’ve seen recently is one about the design of a kindergarten in Japan. The basic premise of the talk is that design and architecture mold our environment and smart design can encourage movement, interaction and development. Here’s the video:

My take aways from video (as they relate to business) include:
1. Creating useful space can be achieved through removing barriers and clutter as much as it can be made through adding.
2. Communal space (like the four-sided wash basin) will create interaction and community.
3. Risk taking can be encouraged through design and planning.
4. Sometimes the solution to what we need is not at ground level.
5. Kids (and adults!), given the opportunity, will explore the space you give them.
6. Nature in a work environment can bring beauty and connection to the outdoor world.
What could your business do differently?

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