The best prices AND the best service AND the fastest completion time?

Anyone who works in a business that makes things probably knows this saying: “Price, Quality, Time—pick two.”

That means, of course, that you can’t have excellent quality done quickly and at the best price. You can’t, for example, make a Steinway piano quickly, at top quality, and cheaply. Makes sense for a lot of things.
Nowadays, many clients want all three. At Kona Impact, we strive to deliver on all three, especially if you change the “price” to “cost to the business.” Looking at overall costs to a business for a product instead of just what is on the invoice, we feel that most of the time, our clients can get all three compared to other buying options.

Let’s take, for example, a banner, and let’s compare ordering online with having Kona Impact make one for you.

Kona Impact will charge you a certain amount, and that will include a basic design, which will be done in a day or two. The variable of “price” is where, if looked at to the exclusion of cost, is where some banner buyers make a mistake. Of course, a banner made in a big complex in South Los Angeles will have a low initial price, but the “cost to the business” can be much higher.

For example, here are the “costs to a business” buying a banner online:

  1.                 Employee time to search out the best price (maybe 30 minutes)
  2.                 Employee time to “design” the banner (1 to 2 hours, maybe more)
  3.                 Cost of the banner
  4.                 Cost of shipping
  5.                 Wait time to receive the banner (a week to two weeks)
  6.                 The risk that the banner you order online may be substandard
  7.                 The cost of having a banner that is likely to be poorly designed
  8.                 Cost of goodwill and connections you would have in your community by buying local (businesses that buy local build a network of referrals and potential customers)

One big mistake buyers make is confusing price and cost. Consider the cost of the business, and you’ll find a local provider like Kona Impact is likely to offer the best in terms of price, quality, and time. If you want marketing service, web design, or signage on Hawaii Island, call us at 808-329-6077.