Some of my Pet Peeves at Work

A little rant on a Friday morning:

Here are  my Top Ten Pet Peeves when running Kona Impact

  1. The clients who promise feedback on Monday and don’t do so until late Thursday and then expect their project done on Friday morning.
  1. Companies that continue to send unsolicited emails (SPAM) after we unsubscribe.
  1. Our neighbors who can’t seem to learn how to flatten cardboard boxes and place it in the dumpster just for flattened cardboard. Instead, they put big boxes in the regular dumpster, filling it quickly.
  1. The Kona Trans delivery guy who blocks entry and exit from the parking lot while unloading his truck, even though he could easily park 20 feet away, which would allow people to enter and exit quickly.
  1. All of the cold callers who try to pitch me stuff for which I have zero interest.
  1. The people who park in our lot walk within 3 feet of the obvious sign that says the lot is for customers only as they walk across the street to the bar.
  1. The customers who are always in arrears on their invoices yet suddenly pay them when they need another project done quickly.
  1. Anyone who tosses cigarettes out of their vehicle when parked in front of my office (or anywhere else for that matter).
  1. When USPS doesn’t deliver daily mail; when UPS and FedEx don’t deliver at the speed we pay for and expect
  1. Anytime we hear loud bass-thumping music in our office from vehicles. The only person who likes your music is you. Sharing is not caring, and it’s annoying, distracting, and just rude.