Small Business Shoutout: Mauna Loa Honey

Many people do not know that the Big Island is home to a vibrant honey industry, one that offers many gourmet honey varieties. For example, we have (my favorite) Lehua Blossom Honey, Macadamia Nut Honey, and many kinds of honey that come from a mixture of plants.

Why buy Big Island Honey?

  • It comes from some of the most untainted sources in the world
  • It has a truly remarkable taste, unlike that of other kinds of honey
  • When buying honey, you’re helping to keep a vibrant beekeeping industry going
  • Bees, of course, are vital to almost all pollinated crops

Mauna Loa Honey is our favorite honey company on the Big Island. They have many varieties available and have free shipping on all orders. 
Check them out at