Signs in Kona, Hawaii: Three Important Considerations

Kona Impact has made hundreds of signs for businesses and individuals in Kona, Hawaii. This includes banners, real estate signs, window graphics, vehicle graphics and building signs. We have made so many signs, it’s hard to go very far in Kona without going past a sign we’ve made.
The main challenge for signs in Kona is the environment. We are close (30 miles) from the Southern-most place in the United States, so we get abundant sunshine, and with that the deleterious effects of ultra-violet rays. With the sun also comes heat. Add to that salty air (by the ocean), humid air (upslope) and the winds due to the differential temperatures of the ocean and mountain. It’s a wonderful place to live, but cars, houses, our skin, and, yes, signs are exposed to difficult conditions.
Here are three basic considerations for signs in Kona, Hawaii.

  1. Temporary or semi-permanent? Nothing is permanent, so we like to divide signs into temporary—a year or so—and long-term (up to 10 years). Banners are great for temporary signage, as they are easy to put up and take down. You don’t need a lot of space to store them, and they are low-cost. Printed signs with a UV laminate on an aluminum or PVC substrate can, depending on location, last up to 10 years. Indoor signs will last much longer.
  2. Substrate. A substrate is the material on which a printed or cut piece of vinyl is placed. It’s the sign backing material. Wood is a horrible choice, as it’s water permeable, will expand and contract with the weather, and is susceptible to rot and termites. Aluminum is great if you are going to use a standard pre-cut size, but it can be very costly in irregular sizes. PVC is a good choice if the sizes are irregular, as it is relatively easy to cut.
  3. Contrast. Signs are all about being seen. Contrasting letters and background are how we do that. A white background with black lettering is high contrast, as is black on yellow, dark colors with white text and dark colors on light backgrounds. The potential for fading should also be considered. If the sign is going to be South-facing, go with a white background and dark text, if possible. Avoid pastels, light yellows, baby blues and gradients if you are looking for a longer-lasting sign.

The three basic considerations should be your starting point when working with a company in Hawaii like Kona Impact. Cost is always an issue, as is the actual design of the sign. At Kona Impact, we recommend businesses take measurements of their space and begin the conversation with us. We cannot give price quotes without understanding the size, materials and design expectations of the client, but when we do, we are happy to provide free, no hassle price quotes.
Kona Impact prints to paper, banner material, regular vinyl and perforated vinyl. Stickers and labels are made with printed or cut vinyl. We make vehicle graphics, vehicle magnets, real estate signs, window graphics and in-store displays. Give us a call at 808-329-6077.