Random Thoughts on Running a Business

My city is small and living on an island guarantees a small market, but I will do my best to make sure that every potential customer in my location knows that I exist.

I may not be the smartest person (that’s for certain), but I will work harder and longer than those who rely purely on being “smart”.

I may not have a huge marketing budget, but I will use what I have creatively, consistently and with planning and feedback to make sure what I have is well utilized.

I may not have the newest and best machines around, but I will take care of what I have, maintain them well and use them effectively.

I may not have the most contacts, but I will work hard to use my contact list to connect frequently to those I know.

I, at times, may be overloaded with work, but I am willing to start earlier, work later and spend weekends working to ensure that my customers get their projects done quickly.

I will make mistakes when making products, but I will never willingly let a sub-par or defective product out my front door.

I will have bad days, times when I am grouchy and short-tempered, but I will recognize those times and avoid casting a cloud over my workplace.

I may see poor workmanship, bad customer service and slow production time with my competitors, but I will avoid “stink talk” about them.

I may not have lots of  experience with some of our novel projects, but I will never make my customers pay for these shortcomings by receiving an inferior product.

I may not know the answer, but I will acknowledge what I don’t know and will make efforts to make the unknown known.

I may not be the best communicator, but I will strive to listen more than I talk and ask questions when I don’t understand.

I will always be challenged by dealing with things today, tomorrow and the next day, but I will always be looking at where I want the business to be six months and a few years from now.