Project Completed Kona Sports Center

Few clients ever regret signage. It’s one of those no-brainer ways to draw attention to your business. Being visible is always a good thing for businesses.
The Kona Sports Center is a new business in Kona. It has bicycle rentals, camping and hiking gear, beach gear, running shoes and a bunch of other great things to enjoy the great outdoors. After Sports Authority closed, a lof outdoor enthusiasts were disappointed at the lack of retail for outdoor sports in Kona. Now, however, we have no excuses: the Kona Sports Center is here.
Kona Impact designed and installed the 10 white pieces of cut vinyl. This project is completely in alignment with our belief that you need to tell people what you do, more than you need to tell them who you are. A lot of businesses believe their logo is paramount and should be the most salient thing on their building. This is absolutely true if you are an established brand–McDonald’s, Subway, Lowe’s–but it is not true if your brand is basically unknown. In this case, let people know what you do, what problem you can solve for them.
We look forward to seeing the Kona Sports Center grow. We’ll be their customers, for sure, and we hope many others will shop there as well.