Mobile Websites for Business in Kona, Hawaii

There has been a tremendous shift in how people are accessing online data. It used to be solely notebook and desktop computers. Now, however, people are just as likely to use their smart phone, including Android and iPhones to look for information and services.
Most websites are designed for full-size screens. That’s the reality of website design: what you would do for a large monitor website is not what you would want for a phone.
A mobile website needs to have information re-formatted and have prominent call and location navigation items. Extraneous information does not need to be on a mobile site, as the users are generally looking for phone number, basic product listing and locations.
Kona Impact has launched two new mobile website lately: ours and for Sea Paradise.
So far, we have seen a notable amount of calls from phones using the “Call Today!” button and a lot of people looking for locations using the prominent “Find Us” button. We are confident that these mobile sites will meet the needs of users.

Kona Impact's Mobile Website
Kona Impact’s Mobile Website