Kona Impact Makes Metal Signs

We know that some of our customers want “forever” signs. This might be a special sign in the lobby or one that is outdoors. One option for this type of sign is to make it out of metal. You’ll often see these one rock walls for business properties and condos. The alternatives–wood, PVC, cast plastic–have a definite lifespan, which is often less than what many buyers want.

Our metal signs are cut from stainless steel, aluminum, and other grades of steel using our new CNC plasma torch. The machine makes precise, smooth cuts. We can then offset metal from rocks or some backing material by welding studs to the back of the metal.

We’ve done several metal signs so far, some of which we’ve been asked not to show publically. Here’s one we made for our office. It’s about 40″ tall.

40″ sign made of 1/4″ mild steel