What Makes Your Business Special?

Most markets are brutally efficient. Start doing a bad job providing products or services to your customers and someone else will. Become arrogant and over price and a competitor will come in and eat your lunch. At Kona Impact we have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, many of which have thrived because they keep innovating and meeting their customers’ needs. We’ve also seen many fail because they haven’t.
The way to not only survive, but to thrive, is to be the best at what you do. By best, I mean the best products, service, order fulfillment, prices or some combination of these. These are what Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit” fame call the “3Ps”: Product, Process and People. Excel at all of these and you probably have a good business.
At Kona Impact, we have identified five things that we feel set us apart from any local competitor, and perhaps more importantly, people buying online.
They are:
Local Service. This includes having an office for clients to meet with us and discuss their goals and projects. This means being able to visit our client’s businesses and have a deep understanding of what they do and what works for them. You can’t get this online.
Fast Turnaround Time. For many of our signs, we can do them the next day, and in many cases, same day. We try to keep ample inventory of all of our materials to ensure that our clients to not have to wait while we wait for supplies.
Highly-skilled staff. All of the Kona Impact staff have been doing what they do for tens of years. We are not learning how to do what we do; we are highly skilled at what we do and are not using our clients’ projects and money for on-the-job training. This makes our work top quality and, because we are very efficient, our clients’ costs are kept down.
Community Involvement. We are actively involved in making our community a better place. We volunteer. We donate materials and finished products. We organize events for non-profits. While growing Kona Impact is not the reason we are involved in our community, the outcome of the contacts we develop and the goodwill our efforts create is a stronger business.
Local Knowledge. As people who have lived and worked in Kona for tens of years, we have a good understanding of what works and doesn’t work here. We often share insight and connections with clients, many of whom have moved from the Mainland recently. We love connecting clients with people and businesses that will help them grow or solve a problem. When businesses go online for most of their needs, they miss these connections, and from our perspective, they make a lot of bad decisions and miss a lot of opportunities.
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