Stickers and Labels

Printed Labels and Decals

Kona Impact has made labels and decals for nearly every surface imaginable: outrigger canoes, ice cream machines, golf carts, coffee bags, juice bottles, cosmetics, car bumpers, phones, gas pumps, and more. Our label clients in Kona love our versatility, quality, and speedy turnaround time.

We can make printed and laminated stickers for long-term use, such as vehicles, boats, and shop windows. 

We can also make product labels for coffee bags, bottles, personal care items, and packaged food items. These can come in roll labels–if the output is a standard size–or machine-cut sheet labels.

We do all label and decal printing in-house so you can be assured of a fast turnaround after design approval. Most are ready within a day of approval. For example, we made 7,000 roll coffee labels in one day for a coffee farm client. That same day, we made 300 irregular coffee labels on sheets for another farm. 

Cut Vinyl

Custom cut vinyl in your choice of font face. Suitable for storefront windows, vehicles, and free standing signs. Come in to our office to see the wide range of available colors. Install yourself or have on of our experienced installers get it right the first time.