Kona Impact’s Perspective on Politicians, Elections, and Government

We generally try to avoid talk of specific politicians or political parties.  Kona Impact has never explicitly endorsed a candidate, nor have we ever had any candidate signs, banners, or handouts visible in our office.

Why? It’s simple. We want everyone, regardless of beliefs, to feel comfortable and welcome. I don’t feel talk of divisive issues contributes to these goals. That’s our stance on politicians and political parties.

As for elections, my only comment is to encourage people to vote. 

It does not matter to me for whom you vote, but the practice of voting, making your voice heard, is, I believe, important. Everyone has a stake in the future of their county, state, country, and the world. We are incredibly fortunate to live in one of the few places in the world where we have direct elections (set aside the Electoral College peculiarities) of our top leaders. Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and most other countries in the world do not get to choose their Prime Minister or President directly. We do, and that’s special and should be a cherished right that is exercised by all. From our County Council to our President, our choice, even if we vote for the loser, matters.

On government, as it relates to business–this is my bias–I have a lot to say. 

Here are my Top Five wishes.

  1. I want my leaders to be focused on the big picture and how to enhance the quality of life for people. Fighting over the minutia, ideology, who is right and who is wrong, etc. are not the things that have consequences. Taxes, allocation of resources, and safety are the significant issues.
  2. All government departments and workers should focus on customer service, making the life of constituents easier, the same way businesses do. 
  3. Potholes, out of service public toilets, overflowing public trash bins, parks poorly maintained, excessively long TSA and DMV lines, and things like those are pebbles in the shoes of constituents and should seldom happen.
  4. Every dollar the government takes in taxes should be treated with the utmost care, as it’s a dollar I don’t have to pay my employees, expand my business or spend in my community. 
  5. Elected politicians should all have term limits.