Some of our Favorite Office Software Tools at Kona Impact

We spend a lot of time at our keyboards at Kona Impact. Most of the time is spend designing web and print graphics, designing website, doing online marketing and, of course, communicating with our customers.
Here are our favorite office software tools
Gmail – Several years ago, we decided to move all of our mail systems to Gmail. Instead of going through our server, all our email goes to and is stored, on Google’s Gmail platform. We’ve had no downtime, few deliverability issues and Gmail works great on all our devices. This has made our email systems more reliable and has reduced costs.
Google Docs – Another Google product we love. This online word processing program works flawlessly and allows us to share and edit documents from anywhere. Almost all of our word processing is done on Google Docs now.
Google Sheets – We do a lot of data analysis for our customers, and almost all of our data is initially imported into Google Sheets, an online spreadsheet. From these spreadsheets, we make lots of nifty charts, graphs, and analyses.
Timeleur – This is one of the ways we keep track of our billable time. It’s an eight-sided device that we flip to identify the task on which we are working. The device sends a Bluetooth signal to our computers and keeps track of how we spend our time. It’s a great tool for the time tracking that we need for client billing.
Dropbox – We’ve been using Dropbox for years. When we go out and take photos of a site or site, our phones automatically uploads the photos to our Dropbox account, which then syncs them to our office computers. Dropbox is also great for sharing large files with clients and for putting some files to work offsite.
Adobe Creative Cloud – This subscription-based suite of tools is used for hours a day by all of us. Our photo editing is done on Photoshop, our graphics and layouts usually happen in Illustrator and InDesign and we create and edit PDF files in Acrobat. Simply put, there are no other suites of tools that offer the integration of useful tools.