Completed Project: Hawaii Best Mac Nuts

Hawaii Island is blessed with an abundance of nature’s goodness. From the old days of the pineapple plantations to the world-famous Kona coffee, Hawaii Island is a great place to grow things. Year-round sunshine and many micro-climates (rainforest, high mountain desert, low-lying arid zones and everything in between). We even get snow–at least for a few weeks a year–on top of some of our volcanoes.

Hawaii’s Best Mac Nuts is located in the Puna district of the island, an area well-known for abundant rainfall, good soil, and ideal conditions for many crops. They have focused on the pet food market. Macaws, and a lot of other birds, love to crack open mac nuts and eat the tasty center. They also sell mac nutcrackers for those who want to buy raw bulk mac nuts. These are a popular health food staple.

Kona Impact has been working with the owners for the past few months on their website and their online visibility. We do not exaggerate when saying they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are committed to quality, customer service, and business growth with sound online marketing practices and expectations. We are excited to see them reach their goals.

We encourage you to visit their new website and explore their products.

Hawaii's Best Mac Nuts
Hawaii’s Best Mac Nuts