All things have a cost. Pay with your money or your time

We get a call or two a week from potential clients that are very focused on solely on price. There’s nothing wrong with that, as when I shop for some items, I am very price-conscious.

Often the conversation will come to a close when we give a ballpark cost for something, a website, for example, and the person says, “that’s too much. My budget is $500.” Realizing that is way too low for a custom website—the kind we do—I’ll try to give the person a few options, usually an online template-based website. With these, the buyer chooses a template design and puts his or her information in it. Instead of paying us for a custom design, he will spend his time trying to make a template work.

I’ll then often hear, “well, I’ve tried that, but I couldn’t get it the way I want it.” or “I’ve spent a lot of time trying to do this, and it didn’t look good.” I’ll sometimes hear, “I don’t have time for that.”

You can either pay for your project with your money or your time. If you don’t want to pay someone to do your project, you pay with your time when you do it yourself.

time or money?

When you hire Kona Impact for your project, you are giving your money for our time and expertise.

When you are do-it-yourself, you are using your time to complete a project and, in the best of all possible worlds, you are using your expertise. If you have no experience or skills in what you are doing, you will pay again by having low quality or having higher time cost to develop expertise.

The lack of expertise or experience with a design or sign-making project is, based on our experience, the reason why do-it-yourself projects usually fail. We’ve spent thousands of hours doing what we do, so we are knowledgeable and very efficient; whereas someone trying to make his own website is starting with no skills or experience. It’s a long way from beginner to competent.

There is no way to change this fundamental equation: everything has a cost, it’s how you pay for it.

One way to look at this issue is to consider how much you value your time. If you work for someone else, that value is basically what you get paid per hour. Also, consider how much your non-work time is worth. How much is the time not spent with family and friends worth? How much is the day at the beach worth? If the value of your time is low, it might be a good idea to spend your time, instead of money, on your project. Nothing wrong with that.

Another consideration is that Kona Impact will get your project done faster, so what might take you three hours to do, might only take us an hour.

If the value of your time is high, this is when it makes sense to outsource the tasks for which you have few skills or little time.

Kona Impact has helped hundreds of businesses over the past ten years. We are proud of the work we have done, and enjoy helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.

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