May 2023
First, a big congratulations to all 2023 graduates! You have achieved a significant milestone in your life, which should give you a measured sense of pride. The world in 2023 certainly differs from 2013, 2003, or 1993. It used to be that the sensible path was to graduate from high school and then move immediately...
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digital marketing
In ancient times a business might buy a yellow pages ad, a few ads in the newspaper, and attend a local business expo as a year’s marketing efforts. Those days and opportunities are long, long gone, yet many businesses in Hawaii are still stuck in the marketing landscape of 20 years ago. Here are some...
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Are we headed toward a recession? If we have one, will it be deep and long or short and mild? I have no idea, but I subscribe to the belief that it’s better to be prepared for rough times than to enter them unprepared. Many of the businesses that perished during COVID weren’t necessarily bad...
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