June 2021
One of the things we did at Kona Impact during COVID was to look at ways we can expand our offerings. To do that we bought a flatbed printer and an 800-lb laser engraver/cutter. Both can do some incredible things, and as we move into summer we’re ready to start offering these products to a...
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do it yourself sign design
As the tools for graphic design have proliferated, so, too, has the desire for some to create their own sign designs. As a sign shop owner, I see this as a double-edged sword: it’s great that some clients can create what they want and provide us with a high-quality print file, BUT we also have...
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busy schedule
Nearly every business I know is going through an extremely busy time. After over a year of COVID protocols, many people are now traveling, going out to eat and making purchases they put off due to the uncertainty.  At Kona Impact, we are very busy with new business openings and helping established businesses refresh, rejuvenate...
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