Hawaii Online Store Development

Hala Tree Coffee Time to start making money online?

Kona Impact has a lot of experience designing and running online stores for businesses. Put this experience to work for you when you make the jump to e-commerce. Over the years, we have helped many Hawaii businesses plan, build and run stores online. This experience has taught us a lot about what works and doesn’t work well online. Instead of using an untested or distant web developer for your online store, put your trust in a company that has quite literally “been there, done that” with e-commerce.

Case Study: Online Jewelry Store: In fall of 2008, a local merchant came to us to help with her online store. Sales had been OK, but she felt that her products had a lot more potential. Kona Impact worked with the client to redesign her current site and launch a new online store focused on a different market segment. In addition to the design work, we worked a lot on online marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Six months later, sales grew 300% compared to the same month the previous year and continue to grow month-to-month. Website traffic is now well over 1,300 visitors a day, compared to a hundred or so before.

Hawaii's Best MacnutsHome-based Business We have worked with several home-based businesses to develop their e-commerce offerings. Our clients include those in the apparel, publishing, agriculture and foodstuff businesses.

Physical Stores Adding E-commerce Kona Impact has worked with many local stores to expand their sales. These are some of the most successful online stores we develop because the physical and the online stores cross-promote, which helps both stores do better. All of the online stores we have developed over the years are still online AND profitable!