My Three Favorite Productivity Tools

There are a few things that I use every day to ensure that I stay connected, remember ideas and allow me to stay productive online. I thought I’d share them, as they are all great ways to improve your business productivity.

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My favorite recent discovery is Dashlane. If you’re like me, you have tens of passwords to websites that you want to remember. The absolute worst thing to do is to use the same password on every website; all is takes is one piece of information to wreak havoc on your life. Another bad strategy is Post-it Notes on your monitor!watch Split 2017 film online now

Dashlane is a password manager that can help you make strong, random passwords when you create new ones, change a whole bunch of passwords to common sites effortlessly, and best of all, it will automatically fill in your passwords when you get to a website where you have an account. It will then sync these passwords to your Dashlane phone app, notebook computers, tablets, and desktops. I have it on my phone, two tablets, a notebook, and two desktop computers, and it has kept all my passwords up to date and easily accessible.

Another one of my favorite tools of late is a small, pocket size notebook. I like the Field Notes and Moleskin brands. They are small and easy to fit in a pocket. I write everything from business ideas to notes what to pick up at the store. When you got a lot going on, it’s great to have some notes to remind you.

My third favorite tool is my new Samsung S6 phone. I used to have a Samsung Note, and that was like carrying a brick around. The new S6 has an awesome screen and keeps me in contact by phone, text or email anywhere I may be. My family is iPhone users, but I just don’t like the small screen and small space on the “keyboard”.  One of my favorite features is the wireless charging: I just set the phone on a charging pad, and it charges, which is way more convenient than plugging it in. My favorite apps are Dashlane, Quickbooks and Audible (audio books).

These three tools—a password manager, a small notebook and a new phone have been great ways to keep connected and get what I have to get done every day. Dashlane is $40/year, the notebooks are a few dollars and the new phone, well, that’s a bit more!

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